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Thread: Overheard (AIB overheard in Ithaca)

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    Overheard (AIB overheard in Ithaca)

    I frequently tune in to the conversations going on around me no matter where I am (and also whether I like it or not, it's an ADD thang, you wouldn't unnerstand) I'm sure I'm not the only one who experiences this, so I thought we could use a thread to report on the amusing, profound, stupid, and funny things we overhear in all sorts of various public locations and situations.

    overheard at the mall - (two guys camped on the bench in front of Victoria's Secret). "You notice how there's like ten times more men walking into that place than women?"

    overheard before the PTA meeting - (lady on cell phone) "I don't care if the principle thinks I am a b*tch, I'm not going to allow [daughter] to sit next that juvenile delinquent any longer." (I wanted to say "enjoy being the stereotypical helicopter parent much?")

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    BUMP goes the thread...

    So today while standing in line at a popular sandwich place with the same name as mode of public transit, I overhear a conversation between the guy behind me and the guy 4 places in front of me. Most of it did not register until I hear, “So and so on the Planning Commission said that he is going to filibuster at the meeting if a motion is made.” The other responded that we was recused then asked to be un-recused. I was in a different municipality and I know of the project they are talking about, and everyone is all lawyered up.

    What is some of the more crazy things that you overheard?
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