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Thread: Reality shows the world needs (or maybe not)

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    Nov 2009
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    Reality shows the world needs (or maybe not)

    All I can say is... massive Zombie war (but without the flesh eating).

    Step off the plane. Me and my guests would all be treated to a normal tropical vacation, when suddenly!!!! ZOMBIES!!!! RUN.

    It would be like survivor but with the walking dead instead of eating insects.

    Someone seriously needs to make that a reality show. I would sign up for sure.
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    I would sign up for the zombie apocalypse reality show in a heartbeat

    ("...[blam blam] goddamit, they're starting to pour in from the back door! TS I told you to set up the claymores there, why didn't you?! Whaddaya mean, you set up the claymores last week. It's your job.....no, the week before I had shotgun duty...don't look at me like that. And you do not always get stuck with sh*t detail. it's lucky you've lasted in this house as long as you have....")

    another reality show:

    "Rejection": participants are set up with the most horribly mismatched blind dates possible. Audiences stare aghast in horror at the lame attempts contestants make to ditch or get out of their dates.
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