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Thread: Assistant planner written test (City of Beverly Hills)

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    You have to figure that after 2-3 months, your list of candidates is already out of date. Then you have HR potentially wasting time trying to contact qualified applicants who secured another job. In this economy though, HR has a bit more power in hiring, but Raf's experience of 3 weeks and 2 months seems much more appropriate. (At least from how I think things should be done)

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    Quote Originally posted by tarf12345678 View post
    Sorry didn't mean to imply anything by my comment other than that public agencies shoot themselves in the foot by taking so long to hire. I have certainly met a number of very good planners in the public sector.

    I've just had many colleagues who applied for public sector positions, but landed in private sector because the public sector folks took too long to respond to applications. I've literally heard stories of folks having been employed for 6 months by the time they got an interview with the public agency - most are reluctant at that point to bother with the interview since they're already employed.
    Oh agreed. During the boom I got three job offers after i accepted my position at my design firm, and by that time i was "rolling" with the job, its fast pace, high clients that i basically told them thanks but no thanks. BTW.. PM me your firm's name...maybe i can shortlist ya for future work..bam... just gave you 15 minutes of marketing time to bill too...lmao.
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