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Thread: Typical requirements for businesses/public services

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    Feb 2008
    New England

    Typical requirements for businesses/public services

    Does anyone know of a good reference source for baselines about how many residents or users are required so support a given business type (like a grocery store) or public service (like an elementary school)?


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    Aug 2001
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    You can derive that information from sources such as the Economic Census or County Business Patterns, by dividing the establishment count by population. I would caution you, though, that the results have very limited practical use. Consider grocery stores, for instance. A Whole Foods is going to be very different from a Safeway or an Aldi. Trade areas are also going to vary widely in their charateristics. It's kind of like the saying that the average human has two eyes, two arms, two legs, one testicle and one breast. Not very helpful.
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