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Thread: Sense of place

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    Sense of place

    I am trying to find recent articles or definitive works on sense of place as it relates to history, the environment, the built environment, culture, etc. We are having a planning commission open house and are providing stations of discussion. One station involves sense of place: where it comes from and how to build it. Does anyone have any suggestions for materials we might use or articles that would be helpful in defining what sense of place is to the public?

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    Take a walk down Elm Street.

    Or Oak Street for that matter

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    Dec 1998
    Kenneth P Wilkenson, The community in Rural America, , pg. 8. Greenwood Press (1991)

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    I think that this is too late, but Tony Hiss wrote a very definitive book on the subject that describes the quality, origins, and different places in which a sense of place occurs. Each chapter is self contained; the book arose out of a series of articles in magazines.

    For a complementary, grittier sense of place (i.e., industrial landscape, Times Square pre-Disney), think about work written on The Situationists, the derive, desire in the landscape.

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    Jane Jacobs - The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

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    Jul 2002
    "Topophilia" by Yi-Fu Tuan. Acedemic but worth the struggle.

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    Dear Brian,
    I am not sure, but there is a book: "Reborn Architecture" (I do not remember the author's name).
    I hope it could be useful,
    Mauro K.

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    Here's an article citation.

    Cochrun, Steven. 1994. Understanding and Enhancing Neighborhood Sense of Identity. Journal of Planning Literature 9, 1: 92-99.

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