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Thread: USA Today article - Cities' design can save on gas costs

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    USA Today article - Cities' design can save on gas costs


    The average American driver logs 25 miles per day.

    "The question is, how do we make the city a place where we don't have to drive as much or as often?"

    Cities where people drive less tend to do well in three essential areas, Coletta says:

    •Land use.
    •Urban design.
    1. So do you commute less than average ? Mine is less than 10 miles. I agree with the lifestyle trips.
    One time where being less than average is a good thing.

    2. one of the ageless questions.

    3. any other criteria or elements for those areas ?

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    Cyburbian TerraSapient's avatar
    Nov 2009
    The Glass City
    I commute (if you define commute moving between home and work) 2 miles per day.

    I like to mix it up. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I scoot, sometimes I ride my bike.

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    Cyburbian mgk920's avatar
    Mar 2004
    Appleton, Wisconsin
    "The question is, how do we make the city a place where we don't have to drive as much or as often?"
    A - End 'Euclidian' zoning.


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    Cyburbian ColoGI's avatar
    Jul 2009
    Colo Front Range
    Quote Originally posted by mgk920 View post
    A - End 'Euclidian' zoning.

    Pretty much. Albeit in the New Normal there will be less sorting by choice, so this is less of a slam dunk than before the billionaire banker's bubble.

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    I walk to work. I can do this because my job is close to where I live. We earn enough so that we can live in a place where we both can walk and where the place is desirable to live.

    If you want to reduce driving: create desirable, affordable communities close to jobs.

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    Cyburbian Linda_D's avatar
    Nov 2006
    Jamestown, New York
    I drive 7.6 miles RT to work. I definitely drive longer on most life-style trips.

    I think that a good way to reduce driving on life-style trips is for cities to de-emphasize downtown redevelopment and emphasize neighborhood redevelopment. Downtown redevelopment encourages and continues the past and current model of suburban-downtown commuting for work. Putting residential units downtown means an increase in longer life-style trips until/unless such time that there are enough downtown residents to support commercial development.

    Redeveloping neighborhoods by encouraging commerical and office develpment not only makes work commutes shorter but also shortens life-style trips because shopping/dining/services are much closer. Reconfiguring transit to take advantage of new neighborhood travel patterns greatly would reduce car trips.

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    Cyburbian Raf's avatar
    Feb 2007
    Playing at a movie theater near you
    My daily commute clocks in at around 44 miles R/T. However, I only drive once every other week to work. I take transit. I live about 1/2 mile from my fair city's transit center, so I walk to the transit center and then hop on the bus which drops me right off in front of my job. I love it. On average, my family probably drives about probably less than 70 miles in an average week. So yes, the $4 gas thing is pain when we pump, but we pump every few weeks now alternating cars. We pretty much walk every except the grocery store and costco of course
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    Cyburbian Cardinal's avatar
    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    I work a few yards from my bedroom, so my morning commute is less distance than I walk with the Luke Dog (about 1.5 miles). On the other hand, most of my clients are out of state. With vacations added in, I drive 25000+ miles each year. How we design cities is not going to have a huge impact on that, but I would benefit from better and faster passenger rail service between cities.
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