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Thread: Demographic/Transit NP/Org/Firm Suggestions

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    Jun 2010
    Northeast, USA

    Demographic/Transit NP/Org/Firm Suggestions

    Hey people, thought this might be a good thread topic.
    I'm sure a lot of you in your dealings as planners have worked with non-profits/organizations/firms which are involved in highly relevant planning topics.

    Since getting a planning job is so hard and unlikely, I thought it might be worthwhile to explore working for an NP/Organization or even a Private Firm (if they exist) which is dedicated to research or advocacy on issues such as:
    -Population Studies
    -Environmental Conservation/Smart Growth
    -Transit/Corridor Studies

    These four issues are my greatest interest and what I hoped to be doing as a planner. However, I'd be just as satisfied (maybe even moreso) working for a firm which focuses on this type of work.

    Obviously the Census or EPA are great choices, but those are just two organizations and getting work federally is very hard as well (I know!)

    So I was wondering if any of you know of organizations, have suggestions, links, or even a comprehensive directory of organizations which do this type of work.
    If so, please share.
    I am aware that this is a very niche field and openings (especially at the non-profit level) are slim; but it'd be nice to have a list of several places just for reference.

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    There are hundreds of think tanks, and I'm sure you could find several dozen that deal with these topics.
    Start here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of..._United_States
    Or here: http://www.worldpress.org/library/ngo.cfm

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