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Thread: Rating the Days of the Week

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    May 2005
    The Fox Valley
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    Quote Originally posted by TerraSapient View post
    But Taco Wednesday doesn't have the same ring to it
    Then do Taco Thursdays! That has a good ring to it. Plus it makes Thursday even better!
    "Life's a journey, not a destination"
    -Steven Tyler

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    I am going to rank the days based on a typical two-week period to encompass the weekends that I have and don't have the kids:

    1. Saturday (my weekend)

    2. Friday (my weekend)
    3. Wednesday (2 days before my weekend)
    4. Monday (after ex's weekend)
    5. Thursday (day before my weekend)
    6. Tuesday (3 days before my weekend)
    7. Wednesday (after ex's weekend)
    8. Thursday (before ex's weekend)
    9 Tuesday (after ex's weekend)
    10 Monday (after my weekend)

    11. Sunday (my weekend but have to drop them off at 7:00 because the goddamn court schedule says so instead of extending my weekend until Monday morning so I can drop the kids off at school. If this were the case Sunday would bump up all the way to to #2.
    12. Friday (ex's weekend)
    13. Sunday (ex's weekend)
    14. Saturday (ex's weekend)

    Everything but #1 basically sucks because the ex will see the kids at least part of each of those 13 days, whereas I will only see the kids 5 days maximum during that two-week period and most of those days a very small fraction.

    #11 to #14 are strictly bottom of the barrel. The $hittiest time imaginable.

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    Jan 2006
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    At least Tuesday after some kind of commission meeting (PC or HPC) I get to play JAZZ!

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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    This Bear is usually pretty whipped on Saturday. It ranks #2, though, because the only work that is involved is the work I like to do.

    Best - Sunday (You know all the reasons.)
    Second Best - Saturday
    Third Best - Friday (Especially if hitting a bar after work is in the plan. Lately it is not. )
    Position Four - Wednesday (Quite often a day I take for vacation. Breaks up the weekend. And my work schedule includes meetings I actually like.)
    Number Five: Tuesday
    Number Six: Thursday
    Last: Monday

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    I think I am getting a little better at compartmentalizing and living in the moment. Sunday is not quite the occasion for dread that it once was. Why spend perfectly good time off fretting about something no amount of fretting will alter?
    People will miss that it once meant something to be Southern or Midwestern. It doesn't mean much now, except for the climate. The question, “Where are you from?” doesn't lead to anything odd or interesting. They live somewhere near a Gap store, and what else do you need to know? - Garrison Keillor

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