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Thread: New to Cyburbia and some questions

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    New to Cyburbia and some questions

    Hello all,

    I have recently been accepted into a masters program in Perth Australia. The program is called Sustainable Urban and Regional Development. I have been speaking with the dean and talking with a lot of people and am open to any criticism or advice which will help me in my decision to accept the offer or not.

    Background: BA in finance

    What drew me to this program was trying to get into the renewable and sustainable industry as it is continually growing. Personally I am very intersted in renewable building practices like the LEED certifications in the US. Ideally my position after graduation would be to work with a private sustainable contractor or consultant agency. The thought of working for a government agency isn't extremely appealing to me and I know majority of city planners work for local and state governments, but does anyone here work in the private sector that could give some input?

    Any input would be great, whats the life like for a city planner? What is the majority of your time spent on? Before spending heaps of cash on this masters program I want to make sure it is going to be a profession where I'm bored of doing it after a year or two.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio! You might get a better response in the Student Forum. You chose a great day to join! April 1st abound!!!
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    we're not usually like this....we've been even worse, actually

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