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Thread: WSJ Article: An Architect's Blueprint for Overexposure

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    Jun 2003

    WSJ Article: An Architect's Blueprint for Overexposure


    An Iowa-based philanthropist and architecture aficionado has offered a $300 million reward to any city anywhere in the world that dares to hire someone other than Frank Gehry to design its gleaming new art museum.

    A city planner who wishes to remain nameless for fear that he will be branded an enemy of iconoclastic swoopiness says that municipalities dread not having a Frank Gehry building somewhere within the city limits, even if it's only a postmodern nursing home or a puckish, irreverent library.

    for you to not have a Frank Gehry building of your own makes your city look stupid. It makes it look like your city fathers have no vision, no panache, no brio, no chutzpah.
    No Gehry swoopiness here.

    How about your fair city ?

    Are you another nameless planner ?

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    Jul 2009
    Colo Front Range
    Quote Originally posted by JNA View post

    No Gehry swoopiness here.

    How about your fair city ?

    Are you another nameless planner ?
    Well. I used to see that Gehry POS out my window in Seattle, and now I have to suffer through another POS starchitect cr*ptacular POS at the DAM. My better half literally gets nauseous when we go thru the new wing of the DAM. I can tolerate parts of the Seattle library but won't prostrate myself before greatness. But a good memory was enjoying the Dallas skyline with other photographers on autumnal equinox.

    So, yes, I don't swoon at the feet of these people and not part of the sheep herd. Why?

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    Aug 2001
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    Madison's Overture Center for the Arts was designed by Cesar Pelli and is an underhwlming building that removed vibrant businesses from State Street, significantly diminishing the experience of the street. In Milwaukee, Santiago Calatrava designed a wing of the art museum. It really is a nice structure.

    Several years ago I visited Cincinnati for a conference. The opening reception was held in the Museum of Modern Art, designed by Zaha Hadid. It is an awful building that detracts from its surroundings. Inside, it is one of the least freindly buildings I have seen. The stairway to the lower level causes vertigo - just the sort of thing you want when descending 20 feet.
    Anyone want to adopt a dog?

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    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    Thats nothing, we have the Motor City Casino. This place started off life as the Wonderbread Factory, a big brick building. It morphed into this thing covered with tail-fins, enormous overhangs, 400 room hotel tower, topped with another huge overhang roof, and neon light shows. I would welcome a FG building instead of this.

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