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Thread: Looking for leads for article on workforce housing

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    Looking for leads for article on workforce housing

    We're running an article on affordable housing & its economic impacts in the Summer issue of the Planning Comm'rs Journal (the draft of this article is posted on our PlannersWeb site till the end of this month -- April 2011)

    I'd like to supplement the article with three or four short reports on what different communities are doing to encourage the provision of workforce housing. I have a few leads, but would welcome more. So, please, if you have any suggestions or contacts (i.e., name of the community, or organization, or an individual I might contact) take a minute to either post a reply, or if you prefer, reply privately to me.

    Wayne Senville, Editor
    PlannersWeb.com / Planning Commissioners Journal
    P.O. Box 4295, Burlington, VT 05406

    Website: www.plannersweb.com/
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/PlanningJournal
    email: pcjoffice@gmail.com


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