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Thread: Cell towers on municipal water towers - sample lease agreements?

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    Cell towers on municipal water towers - sample lease agreements?

    We are currently working with a cell company to locate wireless transmission equipment on our water tower. It is actually a pretty good deal--it won't require any additional antenna sticking up from the top or anything like that.

    I've been tasked with assessing the lease agreement, but I simply don't know what all should be in this agreement from a performance/financial perspective (city atty is taking care of legal stuff). The one thing that naturally came to mind was that they must agree to allow co-location of other carriers (at least three), but I'm not sure what else is appropriate. They are offering $1,000/mo. for the lease.

    This isn't an issue of us being cash-strapped or anything--we're just happy that this arrangement will avoid construction of what I'm sure would be a controversial cell tower. I just have to make sure we get all we want and don't get ripped off in the process.

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    you will want them to assume liability, to place an emergency "whip" at no cost to you on it to enhance your emergency communications (if you need that where you are, we do with all the mountains around), indemnify the town if something happens to the water tower and they lose communication -

    town attorney is holding on line 2...

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    It's customary for them to take the antennas down and use a cell on wheels (temporary tower) when you need to paint. Include a maintenance agreement.

    Access: they'll want 24/7/365. Depending on your burg, TPTB might not be comfortable with that. (I had a WT colo where the public works director said, "this ain't NYC, the terrorists aren't going to use you to poison our water supply." I've had other sites where a retired military is running things down at Podunk City Hall, and we weren't allowed to do any maintenance without that person's blessing, city council, and Congress.)

    Carriers use one centerline. Latecomers will want 10' vertical displacement. It's not up to them to permit anything; they can't obstruct.

    $1k/month is pretty low. See if you can shist them for $2k (let them talk you down to $1.5).

    Route the funds to a special spot on the ledger. There's a muni in my fair state that funds their parks programs with this revenue (invested and compounded). If you let it go to the general fund, it will vanish. Think of the WT as its own little TIF district.

    More advice available if needed.

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    $1k/month is too low. It should be twice that amount.

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