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Thread: USC MPL, then urban designer????????Help!

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    USC MPL, then urban designer????????Help!

    I want to be an urban designer in the future, and I got an admission from USC MPL this year. I like the program. It's strong and comprehensive. But I find that there is no urban design classes......As an architecture student, Is it still possible for me to do urban design after graduating from USC? Thank you!!!

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    Oct 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    I think it would definitely be possibly to work as an urban designer after graduation, especially considering that you have a background in architecture. The program itself offers a specialization in Design and Preservation. Some of the classes in the specialization include Design Skills for Planners, Community Development and Site Planning, and Shaping the Built Environment. The current students I spoke with mentioned that at least one of the second year studios is usually focused on urban design. I'd also look into taking courses within the School of Architecture as they seem to offer a multitude of urban design related courses, and since you have a background in architecture it probably wont be difficult to enroll in them. Additionally, the School of Architecture offers a graduate certificate in Architecture and Urbanism that can be pursued concurrently with the MPL.

    Certificate Link: http://arch.usc.edu/Programs/Graduat...iltEnvironment

    Two of the Planning professors also teach Architecture courses (Liz Falleta and Vinayak Bharne), I'd recommend contacting them to hear their thoughts on urban design offerings at USC.

    Hope to see you at USC in the Fall!

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    Thank you sooooo much!! Veeeery helpful information!! Look forward to seeing you this fall!!

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