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Thread: No policy on window signage

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    Sep 2007

    No policy on window signage

    In our city, CE answers to PW, and we've been having issues with regard to window signage. The zoning code is strict, allowing only 20% coverage on window frontage. Basically every retail establishment is non-conforming. The code also prohibits banners (except grand opening\out of business). We've only been targeting banners, outdoor display, a-frame signs and what not. CE doesn't want to touch the issue of window coverage because it'll create a massive uproar. PLNG has been complaining about the lack of conformance and presented a sign inventory to council. His hands are tied b/c CE doesn't answer to him. Council hasn't offered any direction on this particular code.

    So here's the issue, we got a complaint about a local fast food restaurant which decided to paint on 29 cent cheeseburger tuesday covering basically all of their window frontage. CE is hesistant to enforce it b/c they know it'll mean finger pointing at every other non-conforming business surrounding it. CE has no policy direction on dealing with this matter and PW is giving the generic "enforce the code" statement but doesn't want any policy direction in writing (more flexibility with discetionary enforcement I presume). This type of sporadic enforcement practice has been ongoing for years with no one really wanting to set any policies on enforcement practice. Thoughts?
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    1. Change the code. Ask the local chamber if they would help form a committee of small businesses to work it through.

    2. Enforce the code. Have CE let the businesses know that this is under the director's instructions.

    3. Keep things the way they are. Silence from the elected body indicates that they don't want to get into this.

    4. Talk the issues over with management and city attorney.

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