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Thread: Graduate diploma to accompany Masters....

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    Graduate diploma to accompany Masters....

    If I decide to attend a Master program in City Planning this fall, there are some graduate diplomas to choose from too.

    I was wondering which one of these graduate diplomas would best accompany my degree when entering the field.

    I can chose from Finance:

    Financial and Managerial Accounting
    International Economics
    Financial Concepts
    Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    Multinational Finance and Trade

    OR Project Management:

    Program and Project Management
    Project Leadership and Communications
    Project Risk and Cost Management
    Program Management and Planning

    Which one would be more helpful in landing a good job.

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    Dec 2006
    Whichever one teaches you how to stop asking redundant questions.
    "This is great, honey. What's the crunchy stuff?"
    "M&Ms. I ran out of paprika."

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    just wondering which one goes with the MCP....

    ....any thoughts?

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    Jul 2008
    I guess it should be asked which one most appeals to you? What are your goals beyond just getting hired? Finance and Project Management are quite different.

    Honestly I'm having a hard time even seeing so how any of them would be that beneficial to an average planner though. Sure there may be some niche position that they'll help for but I'm having difficulty even thinking of one. Maybe if you want to start a consulting firm or work in real estate they couldn't hurt.

    Are there any other options that you can get a dual masters in? Economics, Real Estate Development, public administration, or even a business degree all seem more useful for planners than those niche degrees.

    If I had to choose one though, I'd go project leadership and communications. I guess leadership and communication skills would be good for planners but those are skills you develop through experience, not formal education.

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    I was hoping to have either in case of landing a non-planning gig like working for a real estate firm or investment firm that deals with real estate.

    I thought the project management would've been the most relevant.

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