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Thread: Preparing for graduate school

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    Preparing for graduate school

    So, I have worked all year (and last year) saving up money for school. I applied, I got in, and now I am waiting for school to start. I am very excited and anxious to get this next chapter of my life underway. So excited in fact, that I am moving to my new city (Austin, TX) two months ahead of schedule to get acquainted and situated.

    My question to the forum is: What should students be doing to prepare themselves for school? Are there books I should be reading? Twitter feeds I should consider following, diet regiments I should be considering (just kidding) ?

    I've been checking with the school's website and perusing all the materials I can get my hands on, but because it is early there isn't really much to do but wait.

    Any advice on the matter? What did other graduates do that helped them prepare for school?

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    Jul 2008
    There's honestly not a lot of preparation required for graduate school beyond finding a place to live and having your financial situation in order. If you're really gun-ho you could try asking professors there in your area of interest for a reading list. It's never too early to begin thinking about a Thesis / Final Project topic and getting some reading out of the way for it. The literature review is often the most time consuming part of the entire process.

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    Cyburbian The District's avatar
    Nov 2005
    New Hampshire Seacoast
    talk to the professors and ask how you can prepare for their classes. but more importantly, i'd start working on getting some sort of internship, whether for the summer, the school year, whatever. internships are a valuable leg up.

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