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Thread: Getting back in the planning loop

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    Aug 2001
    SERA Architects-Portland

    Getting back in the planning loop

    I received my bachelor's degree in planning about 8 years ago, took some time off to travel as a competition rock climber and have most recently worked the previous 5 years in a Civil Engineering firm heading part of their Survey department. I'm DONE here.

    I am looking for some insight on how to get back into the planning arena. I can't just go back to school and still support my family so...

    **Is it easier in the private or public sector?
    **Are there areas that are more conducive to hire planners without 2-3 years experience?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    From what I've seen, there are more planning jobs in the southern states, and hence more entry-level opportunities where a masters is not required. Up in the Great Lakes area I hardly ever see positions advertised without requiring something like five years experience or a masters and two years experience. Private sector (consulting) also tends to look for experience, particularly people with a reputation and contacts, who may help to win contracts. In your case, you may have an 'in' because of your experience with an engineering firm. More engineering firms are beginning to add planners to their staffs, and planners are adding engineers. You might try to seek out one of these multi-disciplinary consulting firms.

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