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Thread: US/Canadian funding system for grad students?? Help!

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    US/Canadian funding system for grad students?? Help!

    Hi everyone!

    I am a UK planning student due to graduate with a masters this summer. (In the UK the combined BA & Masters course is 4 years) I was fortunate enough to be able to spend a year of my undergraduate course in the US. Cutting a long story short, I have a strong interest in obtaining a masters in planning (or a related field, i have yet to whittle down my true interests!) in the US or Canada. I lack sufficient funds to support myself and would require some form of financial support. I have spent the last week looking around on the internet and everything is really confusing. Is it possible for an international student to obtain scholarships/other forms of funding towards grad programs in the States and Canada?

    Thanks in advance, your input is really appreciated!

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    Jul 2008
    I can't speak for Canada but I know a lot of schools in the US provide funding for international students. It probably varies by school but there is often a pool of financial aid for domestic and another for international students. Unsurprisingly the pool for international students is smaller but less also apply too. You'll likely still need to pull out loans even if you do get financial aid though since at best, they'll probably just cover your tuition and not your living expenses.

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    Apr 2011
    Victoria, BC, Canada
    I know Canada has scholarships for Canadians who want to study abroad; have you looked into if the UK has similar scholarships?

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