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Thread: Shifting from transportation to land use

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    Mar 2011

    Shifting from transportation to land use

    I've been a transportation planner for 3 years now and have been looking for a new position in land use or municipal/local planning because I have a stronger interest in those areas. My graduate degree specialty is actually half land use, half transportation - meaning that I have education in both. I am willing to accept an entry level land use job if the opportunity comes up. What do you think my chances are?

    (btw, before people start saying I'm crazy for trying to find a new job in this market, I know that - the job change is more or less forced due to my family's impending relocation to a new state for personal reasons. I'm just hoping I can also turn it into an opportunity to get into something I'm more interested in.)

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    Dec 2006
    What exactly have you done in transportation planning? Was it more number crunching/analysis/policy or was it more design-based? If you worked on actual transportation plans at the municipal/regional level there is often an existing conditions section that "might" cover land uses. Trip generation also addresses "land uses" through transportation forecasting. These are some "bridges" you may want to consider for arguing your case.
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    Nov 2002
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    That change is exactly what I did 10 years ago. It can be done. What I did was shift over within an organization from their transportation division to their general land use division. I would focus on building skills in things like regulatory review, which, while it can be tedious, is a very marketable skill and one all land use planners need.

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