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Thread: Rezoning for sign

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    Rezoning for sign

    There is a church in my fair city that is seeking to rezone to a different district. Right now they are an island of residential-zoned property in a sea of industrial uses. Rezoning makes sense from all angles and I support their application. At a Council meeting they said they would like an electronic sign. From a planning perspective rezoning makes sense - we should't have 3 acres of residential in an area of light industry along a major road and many properties in this area have electronic signs.

    It later came out they plan to show graphic anti-abortion pictures on this proposed sign which has scared council members.

    I have heard from several council members they are not going to support the rezoning because of the pictures this church might show. I have told them my role is to guide the owners through the rezoning process and I don't get into the politics of the issues. I've told them we can't outlaw political speech and we can't limit their ability to put an electronic sign if the rezoning is approved. I have been called out as supporting these images because my recommendation was to support the rezoning. The Planning Commission had no objections, either.

    What would you do?

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    Quote Originally posted by paiste13 View post
    What would you do?
    Exactly what you have done. The council can still deny the zoning change. The church may not post the more graphic graphics. Since you are being made a target I would advise those concerned of your professional responsibilities and that your personal feelings can not and must not have a part in the analysis.

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    Since the rezone sounds good I would have supported it. Try telling it to people this way (you probably already did) - If the church was destroyed would we allow an industrial thing here? The sign is pointless to the zoning. Besides you already told them we can't regulate sign content. If they wanted to post pictures they could do it today, just no electronically.
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