Hi guys, its my first time posting here so I hope you will bear with me.

Like many planning grads, I received my MA in Urban Regeneration from a fairly reputable UK institution in December 2008, just in time for the world to collapse around me. Since that time, I have secured exactly one unpaid position - which I am currently doing - for a community development nonprofit in London. Getting fed up of the application process and really at a loss for what to do. Although I was born in the UK I had not lived there for 3 years and as such, was required to pay overseas tuition (3X domestic fees). This has left me with a massive private loan.

Unlike many of my fellow graduates, however, I do have the added advantage of a US passport and a BA in Political Science from an American university.

Anyone out there with any thoughts/suggestions? Sorry if this is quite vague but I would be happy to provide more details if necessary.