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Thread: Quirky Homes and Homeowners

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    Quirky Homes and Homeowners

    Are you mean enough to make someone take down this gem?


    I don't know how you could describe this in such a negative manner as they did...

    "a hodgepodge of reddish buildings braced with scores of utility poles and steel beams and connected by bridges and ramps."
    Anyone else have quirky people that you know are just.... odd?

    We have a couple here and I know that they are going to always be building, adding on, or "developing" something on their property. One guy loves to use trash cans for out buildings. He builds large structures out of them. Then says that he doesn't need a permit, because it is "natural".
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    I was just talking about this very same guy with one of my city's building inspectors last week. We thought the whole situation was hilarious and wish we had someone this eccentric to reference! I heard there's another guy in LA who has his entire house exterior covered in hubcaps. Glad I'm not the guy who had to do an electrical inspection!
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    That Phonehenge one is awesome. I think it's pretty cool and it's definitely interesting (here's some more photos of it: http://framework.latimes.com/2011/05/25/phonehenge/).

    The only one that I can think of locally is the Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Besides the City and neighbors complaining, I'm sure some guy nailing stuffed animals and refuse to his house, the trees, the sidewalks and streets, etc. was not only a nuisance but also looked at as, "That quirky guy over on Heidelberg!" but these days it's an internationally recognized art project.
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    For many years my family had a camp on Grand Isle, Louisiana that was built ten feet above the ground - sitting in 16 telephone poles. It withstood dozens of hurricanes - some that were direct hits. It is still there and probably will be until the island just erodes away.
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