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Thread: On the tellybox TONIGHT - Planning Wars

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    Feb 2007
    just back from a massive dog fight session

    On the tellybox TONIGHT - Planning Wars

    ITV, 8.00pm.

    Probably fronted by Sir Trevor McDonald and steeped in hysteria and sensationalism, but...

    As Britain's greenbelt land comes under increasing threat from development, this documentary follows those people willing to go to war to protect it. With at least 3 million new homes planned, along with roads, hospitals and other infrastructures, the programme reveals how ruthlessness, bureaucracy and stubbornness combine in an explosive mix, while the question is raised as to how the planning system can cope
    Dan - if you view this thread will you be able to do yoiur internet magic and make it available to all you good people on the other side of the Atlantic?

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    Jan 2005
    Land of Confusion
    Wow, they make it sound like planning is actually exciting. Go figure.

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    Mar 2007
    the clue is in the name
    I struggled with ITV Catch Up to watch it on line ... not sure if it'd be blocked to non-UK ip addresses.
    I thought it was pretty good - much better than the Beeb attempt and does portray some of the key issues. Not bad for a one hour overview for the public.

    It did leave me feeling irritated that the comfortable middle class have no sense of social justice and will NEVER support any housing delivery or change within their view.

    That's a planner's lot in life I suppose...

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