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Thread: Minimum standards for non-residential buildings

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    Jun 2011
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    Minimum standards for non-residential buildings

    Currently our town only has provisions for residential buildings. As a former mill town, ours, like most mill towns, is rife with semi-abandoned industrial buildings. They aren't foreclosed, just not taken care of.

    We are looking to push a minimum standards or minimum maintenance ordinance into place. Does your town have any such standards? If so, what are some pertinent points you made sure to put in the ordinance that other towns may not have? Did you have any issues passing such an ordinance from the community?


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    Apr 2009
    You may want to subscribe to and read the International Property Maintenance Code. Many jurisdictions have adopted this standard code solve issues such as your presented.

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    Jun 2003
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    The easiest answer is probably to adopt the ICC Property Maintenance Code. I imagine some of your nearby cities have adopted it, and may give some guidance to the adoption process and any necessary local amendments.

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