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Thread: Use of 'GIS' in other countries

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    Use of 'GIS' in other countries

    I hope this question is appropriate for this thread.

    I am going to pursue my master's in the Fall in the US but I am planing to move (back) to Europe after I finish (or within a short period of time). I really like the technical side of urban planning (GIS etc) and would like to further my skills by choosing a focus that allows me to do that. But I wonder if this is a wise choice if I am planning to move and work in Europe. Don't they use a totally different application? Is learning that application is easy(er) after leaning GIS?

    Thanks a lot for any help.

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    Jul 2008
    ESRI is the industry leader in GIS software so there's good chance you'll be using ArcMap wherever you end up. Even if you don't use an ESRI product, the fundamentals of other GIS software are similar.

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