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Thread: PBS documentary 'Life of Muhammad'

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    PBS documentary 'Life of Muhammad'

    Anyone else catch the three part series "The Life of Muhammad" last night? I found it quite interesting. I can appreciate the journalist Rageh Omaar's earnest attempt to help westerners understand the difference between orthodox muslims and the fundamentalist extremists that garner so much media attention these days, but could see how some might still have difficulty reconciling the message of peace, when the religion's history from the onset was so closely tied to violent conflict and atrocities (committed on both sides).
    The message of Muhammad, according to the religious experts in the series, was one of tolerance, humility and, in most cases, non-violence. Yes, he fought to defend Medina from the Meccan forces and yes, he ordered the slaughter of a Jewish tribe he believed had betrayed him.
    Clearly the documentary was geared towards westerners, and to that end I thought did a respectable job of educating folks about a religion that few in the west know much about.
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    I missed the show, but anything that helps teach people that crazies are crazies no matter what the religion is a good thing in my book. It's not like we don't have our own radical Christians blowing up clinics and committing other acts of violence, they just don't seem to be as organized to create a global stage. And yes, the Koran and Bible both have a kill every non believer aspect, but I think that is intended more as a history lesson than a call to action.
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