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Thread: Bachelor in urban design - is it worth it?

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    Bachelor in urban design - is it worth it?

    Greetings Cyburbians, first time posting here.

    I am in the midst of choosing between getting a BA in Architecture and then an MA in urban planning/design, or vice versa. What I'd like the most from my education/degree is flexibility throughout my career to practice any form of design if I should so happen to change my mind, which has led me to extensively consider opting for an arts or design program prior to specializing in urban design or architecture. I am 90% certain I want a career in design. Problem is I've barely any experience, and throughout my life I've lacked the self-discipline to even practice art on my own time, so I'm fairly intimidated by the daunting task of having to compile my first portfolio.

    I've already got an AA in liberal arts and a year down of credits for Architecture following that.
    My main two options are these:
    1) (3 years to complete) Continue my architecture studies and get a Bachelor in Architecture; then either get a MaRCH or MuRP.
    2) (1.5 years to complete) Switch immediately to the Bachelor of Urban Design program at FAU (one of the only two schools in the nation with it) and later get an MaRCH. All my credits, including the past year I've spent in Architecture, will be accepted.

    Option #2 seems immediately more attractive because I'd finish in half the time of the other, and I'd like to get into the field as quickly as possible so I can really see how I like it. Also, I've got an incredible itch to travel or volunteer abroad that I'd like to scratch as early as possible, maybe join the Peace Corps.

    I haven't browsed the forums extensively enough yet so I apologize if my questions have already been answered, but I just wanted to get my foot in the door with this thread.

    Any references or links are appreciated, even if you say nothing else in your comment. Thank you!

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    Jul 2011
    From my understanding a degree in architecture is much more useful. You can later get a masters in urban design or planning to supplement it, but nothing can amount to the traning and prestige of a degree in architecture, especially when you can become certified.

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    I would go through all the discussions we have had over the recent months, but instead I will just point you to the search function.

    Go with "urban design".

    A common mistake people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools. -Douglas Adams

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