I'm trying to decide between getting a M.S./M. Eng. in Transportation Engineering, or a MCP/MUP with an Transportation Planning concentration. From looking at other Cyburbia discussions, it seems to me that Transport Engineering is more on the design side, whereas Transport planning is more on the policy/politics side---but the line between the two is not hard and fast. As I have strong interests in both policy/politics and design, both are viable options from a "will the work be interesting/engaging?" standpoint.

What I don't know, however, are the differences between the job prospects for these two tracks: not just what the relative number of openings and average salaries are, but also the types of employers who hire those with these two degrees. That is the information I'm hoping you folks could help me with.

I should also add my background: I'm an undergraduate in mechanical engineering (entering junior year), so getting admitted to Transportation Engineering programs is not a problem (I've checked, and you generally only need an engineering degree, not specifically a Civil degree, to be admitted, even when the program is in the Civil dept.). I'm planning to get the P.E. eventually. I hope to someday work for something along the lines of a city public transit authority, state DOT, or federal DOT.