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Thread: (Almost) senior undergrad student looking to MURP alumn for advice

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    (Almost) senior undergrad student looking to MURP alumn for advice

    I am currently looking at schools for Masters programs, and this site has been amazingly helpful. However, the only posts that I can truly believe are those who have either experience in the field, or studied at an accredited university. Anyone out there who can attest to a certain program or university? If so, please explain.

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    Jul 2011
    In for same question.

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    Jul 2011
    Encinitas, CA
    Since no one else is responding...

    I went to Eastern Washington University (MURP), in Spokane, WA. Accredited program.

    Certainly not the best school in the country, but advantages include small class size and diverse professors (i.e., diversity in philosophy, not ethnicity), with a program that tends to blend theory with hands-on practice. They have a good relationship with local agencies and partner often for planning-related projects that are incorporated into the curriculum.

    I feel like I received a good education there that prepared me for my career - which is saying something considering I ended up ultimately in California, not WA. Certainly isn't Ivy League, though.

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    Jul 2008
    I think you'll find most people will vouch for their alma mater. A thread like this will probably just turn into people listing their alma maters or the well known planning schools unless you give some more information about what you're looking for in a program.

    Like my alma mater, Clemson. I'd say the same thing about it as Tarf did about EWU. It was a good generalist program that was practitioner oriented.

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    Jan 2005
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    Do a search in the Student Lounge, we get around to this question about twice a year.

    Many people went to different schools. Lots are good, some are bad. I think it is really what you are looking for, what you want to get out of it, and the professors. You should look into schools for: location, cost, professors, courses, and and other miscellaneous reasons that factor in. Do not pick a school on "prestige".

    With all that said Ball State is good.

    Good luck on your choice.
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    Well Put

    Thank you for the responses, I really do appreciate it. Is there anyone currently in the field that has heard of "up-and-coming" programs? Somewhere ideally where I could recieve some sort of GRA position?

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    Aug 2011
    City of Angels
    What is your background? What are you studying now and where would you like to be after school?

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