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Thread: TAZ demographics

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    Aug 2011

    TAZ demographics

    I'm working on the demographic information that feeds into our County transportation model. One piece of information needed is the retail and non-retail worker count per TAZ - Transportation Analysis Zone. I have calculated the retail and non retail sq ft per TAZ and now need to locate formulae for converting the
    sq ft to employees. In previous years I found ITE national averages. Can't find them this year. Internet queries bring me back to Cyburbia.org. Does anyone have this kind of information? I have a method for adjusting a national algorythm to fit our County profiles. Thanks. teriasn@hargray.com

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    Of course your searches bring you to Cyburbia -- we're the leading English language planning forum in the world! We got that way by having forum discussions (and google-bots climbing all over them). Getting a response by email defeats that purpose, so, please feel free to reply by email but post in the thread as well, so we retain our place in the on-line planning hierarchy. Thanks, and carry on!

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    If you'll do an internet search, there are several places to find employees per sq/ft for all types of employment from retail, commercial, industrial, and so forth. If you can't find anything, let me know, because I've got a lot of information on this subject.

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