Hi all,

I'm applying to the following MUP/MCP programs:

University of Michigan
Columbia University
Boston U

My choices are heavily weighted towards the northeast because my fiance/soon-to-be-husband is in the Navy and set to be based in New London, CT and because, having done my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan and having grown up in the South, I want to experience studying urban issues in the East Coast. However, my dream is ultimately return to the Midwest and either practice as an urban planner or do research. Would this be difficult?

Also, if anyone could let me know my chances at both admission and financial aid at the above schools, that would be greatly appreciated. My stats:
  • 2010 graduate, University of Michigan, Political Science
  • 3.4 GPA
  • GRE: Q 760, V 630, Writing 5
  • 1 year experience working in non-profit that deals with homelessness/housing issues (however, mostly worked in development/finances)
  • internship working with GIS on health resource distribution in Chicago (UMich's Institute of Social Research)
  • internship working on fresh food availability issues in Detroit
  • extracurricular: editor of independent school journal; leadership/volunteer positions in Detroit schools, juvenile centers, low-income housing, shelters
  • awards in mathematics

Also, can anyone think of any more safety-type schools I could consider on the East Coast?

Thank you so very much!