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Thread: Planning Manager Interviews

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    Dec 2001
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    Planning Manager Interviews

    I just finished my first ever Planning Manager interview and have been asked to have a second interview. The first interview questions were typical. Describe your most difficult customer. Describe a failure, what did you learn, how did you fix. Much of the questioning was regarding teamwork, cooperation, and communication.

    For those who have been through a the Planning Manager interview process, do you have any feedback as to what I could expect for the 2nd interview? I'm an internal candidate for the position, my director is happy with my demeanor and performance, but it seems there was a great external candidate as well who may have some stronger manager experience under their belt.
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    I remember getting a few of these:

    - How do you handle this situation - mine was mostly floods and code enforcement (local problems)
    - How do you handle the bad employee type questions
    - The ever present why should we hire you
    - Working with other managers
    - Taking the lead on projects
    - Working with state agencies

    Second round interviews seem to get more local problem questions than the first round. Being an internal hire you should have no problem understand office politics and problems so big + there.
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