So I have been looking around a bit for a new adventure.
I got an email returned off a website where I just posted my resume asking me to check out there website and see if I would be interested.

That had never happened before. So I went to check. Not in the planning field at all. They have all the normal benefits. Then the list of not so normal benefits start.
Relocation costs paid
Flexable schedule
Travel on the job and you get to keep your flyer miles and hotel points.
So you feel connected with your co workers if you have an activity you what to do ie. Dog Club etc. They will pay up to 50% of the cost. They have a campus condusive to working and playing.
Adn this one really got me. After 5 years they pay for you and a person of your choice to go on a month's sabatical.
A month!!! Paid and they pay for your travel...

I have heard of this kind of thing but have never actually been privy to a company that might do that. Just how could you not apply.

The only draw back listed from former employees is that it was hard to find family time. No DUH... They are taking care of you like that, they should expect some hard work out of you.

It is away from my family but I am really temped to give it a try.
When in my life would I get another chance like this??