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Thread: 24 yr old applying to grad school (MUP) wants advice!!

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    Sep 2011
    Austin, TX

    24 yr old applying to grad school (MUP) wants advice!!

    Hi. I just registered for this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 24 yr old (almost 25) in the process of applying to grad school to get my MUP. I have a BS in Finance and have worked in the private sector for a number of non-planning related firms for about 2 years. The urban landscape and policies that affect it have always been of great interest to me and I know this is where I need to take my career. I would appreciate ANY advice any of you have regarding the application process or just grad school in general (best programs, admission requirements, people to contact, your own personal experience etc..). I'm looking forward to participating in this forum. Thanks.

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    Cyburbian dandy_warhol's avatar
    Aug 2005
    Hello from NY!

    Check out the Student Lounge sub-forum for information and advice on applying to schools, etc.

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    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Welcome from the Great State of Ohio! What Dandy said and glad to have you.
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