Hi all,

I am ready for a career move to urban planning and design (currently I work in social science research) and am considering undertaking the Master of Planning program offered at the University of New South Wales, Australia. I expect that within a year of graduating from this program, I will be relocating to the U.S. (for family reasons). I'd like others' opinions on how Australian programs are viewed or recognized in the U.S. by employers and by the APA. The UNSW program is accredited by the Planning Institute of Australia; the APA equivalent in Australia. Studying in the U.S. is not a viable option for me - I am really only open to Australian programs.

Has anybody else been in a similar situation of having to move to the U.S. soon after graduation from a Masters program in planning with little experience under your belt? How many years of professional experience did you gain in Australia/country outside North America before moving to the U.S. and how did was the experience viewed by U.S. employers? What about any opinions on the program itself that I am considering?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!