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Thread: Bus stop signs - TxDOT

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    Jul 2011

    Bus stop signs - TxDOT

    I'm looking for TxDOT's requirements on the placement of bus stop signs on state right of way, i've investigated both TxDOT's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and Standard Highway Sign Designs for Texas and still not quite sure as to their precise policies for placement of bus stop signs.

    If anyone has any useful guidance, i'd greatly appreciate it, thanks!

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    Have you called them and asked?

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    Wouldn't it be up to the transit agency to determine where bus stops, and thus bus stop signs, are placed? Usually, bus stop signs act as "targets" that are placed as close to where people board the bus as possible.
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    Requirements for the placement of bus stop signs would be the same requirements for any sign placement and installation in the MUTCD. As previously mentioned, they're installed at either designated bust stops, or where there's a likelihood that people would gather to catch the bus.

    You need to check with the DOT to see what their requirements and procedures are for installation of signs in their ROW. In some cases, they like to be the ones to install them, while other places allow the local jurisdiction to install them.

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