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Thread: Resume vs. CV for grad school applications

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    Aug 2011
    New England

    Resume vs. CV for grad school applications

    A few of the planning schools to which I am applying say they want resumes, but I am wondering if they really want a CV instead of a one page resume. My CV would only be a few pages anyway. Some of the planning schools that say they want resumes include USC, Rutgers, and Tufts. Does anyone know which these schools prefer?

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    Nov 2009
    Somewhere far, far away
    This is a pretty easy one to solve, I think.

    Do you have an extensive publication record? Do you have extensive research and teaching experience? Are you planning on pursuing an academic career?

    If yes, then by all means, submit a c.v. I'm sure admissions committees will be quite impressed.

    If no, then you don't have sufficient info to include in a c.v. anyway. Stick with a resume.

    Best wishes.

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