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Thread: Best practices for urban zoning

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    Jun 2011
    Waukesha, WI

    Best practices for urban zoning

    I am a member of a Business Improvement District and have been given the task to find any best practices for Urban Zoning Code best practices, specifically first floor uses and infill projects. I am located in a city of 70K with a downtown that is revitalizing but with much work still to be done. Thanks for any information on finding resources for this.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Waukesha is a pretty great downtown. I sent you a message. Since I live next door, maybe we can talk.
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    Oct 2011
    Portland, ME
    Remembering that the wordd 'Best' is a value-laden term, there are a handful of zoning practices which would fit your request. If you are looking to revitalize around the ideas of mixed use traditional development with lots of street activity and pedestrian friendly infrastructure or alternative modes of transportation, consider a form based code, the most popular way to implement the ideals of new urbanism. There are a number of means of implementing such a code, from the transect (modified or calibrated for local circumstances), to an optional or parallel code, to a hybrid or spliced code, etc. check out the form based codes institute for more information, as well as your state level planning agency, or feel free to email me at any time. land.use.info@gmail.com

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