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Thread: Needs PTP refresher course from ITE.org

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    Needs PTP refresher course from ITE.org

    Couple weeks ago, www.ite.org/education/ptp can download PDF files for "Professional Transportation Planner Refresher Course." But I suddenly found the link is invalid....

    Does anybody download those files, and would like share with me? I really appreciate it! I am in Maryland and schedule a test in Oct. Thanks in advance.

    My email is: (email deleted)

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    You can purchase it from the Institute of Transportation Engineers site.

    Moderator note:
    Also, we do NOT allow Cyburbians to use the site as a vehicle for freely sharing copyrighted materials that are otherwise being sold by their copyright holders.

    Once again,

    No free Waiczi AICP courses.
    No free Planetizen school ranking guides.
    No free ITE refresher courses.
    No free PDFs of anything that is being sold in their digital form by their authors or copyright holders.

    I'm leaving this thread up for a few days so others see it, and then deleting it.

    Two week ONE YEAR suspension. EDIT: all you're posting are requests for study materials. Three so far; four including one I deleted earlier. NO. DO NOT USE CYBURBIA TO SOLICIT INTELLECTUAL WAREZ. A year in the hole. Why? Because we can get into some serious trouble thanks to your posts. Enjoy your suspension, not that you would have posted anything else if we didn't suspend you.
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