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Thread: Top 10 apps every planner must have

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    Nov 2002
    Ocean to the east, land to the west
    Just got the US Census app dwellr . It's really fun.
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    Oct 2013
    Los Angeles
    This is my first post, figured this is as good a place as any to get started!
    Here are a few more apps that I find useful:
    Gaia GPS ($20 but totally worth it if you want real-deal GPS on your phone)
    Genius Scan
    Pocket or other read-it-later app (invaluable for aggregating articles, resources, and random internet stuff)
    Aviary or other photo editing app
    Evernote - a very powerful productivity/cloud app...if you only check out one app from this list make it Evernote. If you use it you know what I'm talking about
    Any pertinent cloud apps:
    Google Drive
    Adobe Creative Cloud

    If you have an iPad and do or are interested in graphics, you MUST check out Procreate. It is stellar.

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    Jun 2010
    • andchat - irc client
    • c:geo - for geocaching
    • eye-fi - for download foto via wifi photo from camera
    • foursquare - geolocation for fun
    • geopaparazzi - geotools for acquiring data around
    • google analytics - for monitor your share
    • google keep - best way to catch notes
    • lastpass - archivie all your password
    • mytracks - powerful gps tracking
    • oruxmap - more maps in your tablet
    • osmand - app dedicated for openstreetmap
    • soviet military map - more maps
    • telegram - instant messaging open source like whatapp
    • waze - the best navigator

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    May 2014
    North Carolina

    Here are some more that I haven't seen mentioned yet

    For those that want to get real tech with it the following apps can give you insight to how the phone works as well as whats in the landscape around you, keep in mind that engineers design these though... ; )

    Antennas - monitors the GSM/CDMA cellular network connection
    RF Signal Tracker - You can monitor the RF and WiFi signal strength for the device as well as the serving cell locations and hotspots
    Wifi Analyzer - Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!
    U2EX Wifi Signal - a more detailed WiFi analyzer

    And for fun...
    Caustic - make your own music!
    Splitpic - must see to really grasp, but tons of fun!
    Moon phase - widget explaining phase of the moon
    Sun and Moon -pictures of moon phase

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