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Thread: GIS certificate

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    GIS certificate

    Would it be worth staying an extra semester and earning a GIS certificate? The MCP program I am in only offers two GIS core courses. I was hoping to take advantage of a GIS certificate the school offers.

    Would it be worth it? Would it be a lucrative venture?

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    Jul 2011
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    Only if you primarily want to do GIS for a living. Otherwise, you need only a basic familiarity with GIS (as in, knowing it only enough to tell someone else what needs to be done), and a certificate would be somewhat overkill.
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    Quote Originally posted by manoverde84 View post

    Would it be worth it? Would it be a lucrative venture?
    Impossible to tell with info provided whether it would be worth it to you. Lucrative? Only if you are very, very bright and creative and are very lucky.
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    Jul 2008
    Depends on a number of things like your undergrad degree and whether you really want to work with GIS. Like for myself, a GIS certificate never made a whole lot of sense since my undergrad degree kind of implies I have experience with it plus it's not the direction I want to go in with my career. I like using GIS as a tool but I don't want to make a career out of it.

    A GIS certificate probably won't make you more competitive than a geography major with or with out a GIS certificate though.

    EDIT: I would suggest figuring out what you want to do with GIS. I only felt that the basics plus modeling would be relevant for the direction that I wanted to move career wise. I have no interest in the real advanced GIS stuff that deals with programming and databases. Unsurprisingly, the advanced stuff is where the jobs and money are in the field now.
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    Dec 2006
    I only do GIS work now in a non-planning job. GIS certicates are hit or miss, and they might not cover EVERYTHING you want. Over the summer when I was unemployed, I downloaded a free 60 day trial of ArcEditor, opened the help menu (F1) and took copious notes. I covered more advanced tools in ArcGIS 10 including representations, relationship classes, and SQL, which are not covered in every certificate program. Had I not updated my GIS skills, which were a tad rusty, I don't think I would have this job today.

    Even with a GIS certificate, employers want to see completed examples of work AND that work has to be related to THIER needs. You might do a wonderful mapping project on climate changes in China for your certificate but how do those GIS skills relate to updating a zoning map for Anywhere, USA?
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