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Thread: Graphic standards (colors) for zoning and plan land use designations

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    Jan 2003
    Montreal, Quebec

    Graphic standards (colors) for zoning and plan land use designations

    Does anybody know of standard (e.g. Pantone) colors for different land uses. You know, yellow to orange for residential, red for commercial, grey for industrial, etc.

    I am looking for an optimal palette of colors,and am hoping someone has already gone through the cmyk or rgb choices.

    For the General Plan Update I am doing, we need about 5 different residential colors, and a couple of commercial. They could be shades as long as they can be readily differentiated.

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    Go to the American Planning Association's website www.planning.org, and look land based classification system under "research." You will find the color schemes that they recommend for different uses and also by other schemes.

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