Hi All,

First, I realize that I am cramming two questions in here - I didn't want to clutter the forums at all.

I am a current undergrad planning on doing international real estate and development (I say real estate and development because lots of literature concludes that private sector development is a great way to increase quality of life in developing countries) in unstable areas of the world - long story for why exactly, but take my word for it that I know what I'm doing. I'd be very thankful to hear your opinions on how to break into this field!

Should I get a job in real estate or planning or even stability operations and take it from there?
Should I get a masters degree in international affairs/systems engineering/real estate first?
I am also considering spending a few years as a military officer - would that help me out, given that the places I'll likely be doing development in have serious stability issues?
What about USAID - would that be a good place to start a career, before perhaps an MBA?

That leads to my second question - I am considering applying for University College London's degree in International Planning and Real Estate. Does anyone know anything about this degree?

Thank you very very much!