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Thread: Putting GIS data on the Web

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    Jul 2008

    Putting GIS data on the Web

    I was just wondering how you all go about putting your GIS data on the web. I was given this task but right now itís not looking like the GIS Department will hand over the keys to their ArcGIS Server license or the GIS data theyíre trying to sell. So I was curious if there were any good ways to circumvent this? I was looking into the Google Maps API to put stuff on our webpage but I was curious how effective this was or if there was a better way of doing this.

    This project is still in the early stages so Iím not as clear of what data my boss wants posted. Iíd imagine itís mainly centerlines, parcels, and maybe a few other random layers. I think she's mainly concerned about just displaying it rather than having it available for download.

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    Jul 2011
    Encinitas, CA
    I use this web site routinely... It gives you the info you need, without giving access to the source files.

    (Click Agree to see the map server).

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    Nov 2009
    The Glass City
    Here is another example of GIS data available for public use, but not for download. http://gis.hicentral.com/pubwebsite/ The city and county of Honolulu did a great job with this site.

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    I can't seem to post the link here, but Mass GIS has a huge amount of data posted for the public. Everything from census data to land use layers. For the entire state.

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