I recently completed my undergraduate degree in accounting. My plan was to go for an M.S. in Accounting next year, and hopefully begin working in accounting with the next year. However, my family is trying to convince me not to go into accounting. They are pushing me to get into Real Estate Development. They want me to go to Columbia but I doubt I can get in to the program. I graduated undergrad with a degree in accounting, a 3.6 GPA, and 2 summer internships - one at a small accounting firm, and one at a Hedge fund. I also did not take the GMAT's. NYU is a much more realistic option for me. I really do not enjoy accounting and I likely would not last more than 2 years working in that field, but I really know very little about Real Estate and Development. It's a new territory for me. My mother has an estate that is worth a decent amount of money and she would like my brother and I to start our own real estate business.

I'm trying to learn more about development and I have a few questions about the NYU MSRED. With a decent GPA and no Real Estate work experience, do I have any chance getting into this program? Is it possible to begin the program in January and can the program be completed in less than 2 years(summer included)? The deadline for Fall application is August 1st and I don't think I can make a decision and get my application in on time. Just in general, how difficult and how much work has to be done for the program?

Any info you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.