I am very interested in becoming a urban and regional planner here in Canada. I have already obtained a bachelors degree and i am fairly certain urban planning is something I would enjoy making a career out of. I have a couple of questions first that hopefully some of you can answer.

I have not started a masters program yet, but plan to in the coming years, i just would like to make 1000% sure that this is something i want to do with the rest of my life, so while I work this dead end job I have been reading the 'essentials' planning. I used this link http://www.planetizen.com/books/20 to help guide my readings, I have finished Jane Jacobs life and death, however I am uncertain on where to go from here. Alot of the books recommended seem to be strictly for American planners.

After a brief search the only Canadian centered planning book i could find is titled "Urban and Regional Planning in Canada" by J.B Cullingworth. The book seems a bit dated however, and i am a bit hesitant to purchase it off of amazon for over 60 dollars.

I am asking any planners, more specifically Canadian planners, what their must reads are, and what they read before they realized planning was a career for them. I also open this question to anyone else of course.

Out of the 'must read list' which american centered planning books would be suited for a Canadian

I really appreciate any help here
thanks alot in advance!