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Thread: Awkward much?

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    Awkward much?

    HomerJ hit on a good theme when he mentioned awkward moments in RT. There seemed to be more than usual awkward moments this Christmas. They ran the gamut from a certain family member making a passionate speech about the sorry state of marriage in this country (while recently divorced cousin is sitting in room), to tipsy adults engaging in off-color humor with kiddies nearby. The holidays are usually rich sources for Awkward Moments, but places like work or church can be just as bad.

    Experienced or witnessed any Awkward Moments yourself lately? Do tell.

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    Jul 2008
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    oh yeah... the sister-in-law found an inappropriate self-portrait on her 13 year old daughter's old cell phone. needless to say the daughter did not get the new iPhone for christmas as planned.

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    No awkward holiday moments this year, but about a decade ago, I was in Maine for Christmas with my then girlfriend meeting her sisters and father for the first time when he 20-year-old, unmarried, high school dropout sister decided to tell her dad at our Christmas Eve dinner that she was pregnant and moving to Texas. Her dad seemed to take it all in stride though and I think I was the most flabbergasted one at the table.
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    Paying a visit to City Hall and I am in the elevator with an older African American man. He turns to me and says "Miss can you tell me why my own people here will never do anything for a resident of this city but "your people" (meaning of the Caucasian persuasion) will actually show concern and look into an issue?"

    Hoo boy....I just replied that "Persistence was the key to getting anything done with the City!" and thankfully the door opened and I got off.
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    My cousin told us that her husband had left her and that is why he wasn't there, my cousin is 4 months prego and had only been married a little over a year. There was lots of crying and consoling to follow....the silver lining, for once my lifestyle choices a.k.a living in sin, were not the center of the drama!
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    There really aren't any children at our family parties at this point in time. Our family is primarily two different age cohorts (my own being 18-30ish and the "parents" being 40+). With the exception of one of my cousins recently having a kid, no one else in our family has come to that stage (and she didn't make it to this Christmas). Without any kids around, the family parties have gotten A LOT more sloppy. I'm fine with that (in fact I could drink most of my relatives under the table hehe ) but the unfortunate side effect has been some heated discussions and a few emotional flare ups.

    The ugly part is, a lot of it has to do with money. Being the DD with your friends is annoying, but being the DD at family parties can be a real eye opening experience, a little too much perspective if you ask me...
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