Comment found in 2012 CRS Coordinator's manual changes

The University of North Carolina reviewed 60 510 plans and found that many did not relate the problem to the recommended solutions. Therefore, plans will need to show how the problems described in Step 5 are addressed in steps 6 and 8.

Step 5. Assess the problem: Must cover all hazards identified in Step 4 and repetitive loss areas.
Communities will get extra credit for assessing the impact of climate change, including sealevel rise.
Step 6. Set goals: Must address all problems identified in Step 5.
Step 7. Review possible activities: The plan must describe the community’s capability to implement the activities reviewed.
Step 8. Draft an action plan: Must address all problems identified in Step 5.
Interesting change - I am wrong but wouldn't a planner know that sequence/expectation in writing such a plan ?