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Thread: Vehicle auctions vs vehicle dealerships

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    Apr 2011
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    Vehicle auctions vs vehicle dealerships

    Recently we've had someone ask about putting a vehicle auction center on a site that previously held an auto dealership. I've been searching the internet and haven't found many regulations dealing with this use specifically. I also have never been to an auto auction, so I'm not completely sure of the differences. I know they would have auctions 1-2 times a week, so you could expect larger crowds fewer times a week, but thats about it. So do you have any experiences with auctions, any examples of good regulations or any other thoughts on the issue. Thanks.

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    Basic questions to ask one's self:

    Is the vehicle auction licensed in your state to sell vehicles?

    We have a "auction" yard in my muni, that sells vehicles. We have treated it like an autodealership. The one problem will be parking. Auction days can attract hundreds if not thousands of people. They need a place to park. While we have no "hard/fast" regulations, probably setting up a CUP and condition the project for parking, traffic control (if necessary), vehicle storage, additional storage areas might be a good thing (we ended up with a CUP).
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    Auto auctions typically sell cars to and for dealerships.

    My brother used to be part owner in several dealerships in Michigan and would often attend auctions.

    Many of my cars I bought from him through the auction process.

    Auctions are full of characters, similar to going to the horse track.

    Most of the auction sites here in Detroit are enormous, much larger than any dealership.

    Being a transportation planner and not a land regulator, thats all I got.
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