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Poll results: Are you a swimmer?

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  • Pool

    18 66.67%
  • Ocean

    14 51.85%
  • River

    8 29.63%
  • Pond or lake

    13 48.15%
  • Why do you hate America?

    6 22.22%
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Thread: Swimming choices

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    Zoning Lord Richmond Jake's avatar
    Aug 2001
    Jukin' City

    Swimming choices

    I like the pool best. But the Gulf comes in a close second.

    Where do you like to swim?

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    You will find this Bear, in proper weather, swimming in.....

    Lake Superior
    Lake Michigan
    Lake Erie
    Lake Huron
    Lake Michigamme (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
    Lake AuTrain (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)
    Cold lakes of Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) (Northern Minnesota)
    Brevort Lake (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

    Freshwater lakes are void of all those "stingy" things.

    Side Note 1 - Freshwater lakes still may have "sucky" things that attach to your legs and feet.b
    Side Note 2 - Yes, I have jumped in both oceans that touch the USA.

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Cyburbian ofos's avatar
    Jul 2006
    Slightly Off-Center
    Quote Originally posted by Bear Up North View post
    Freshwater lakes are void of all those "stingy" things.
    But there is swimmer's itch.

    I've been known to swim in all the liquid poll options, learned to swim in small freshwater lakes. Rivers are my least favorite.
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    Cyburbian Otis's avatar
    Mar 2002
    Upper left edge
    Quote Originally posted by Bear Up North View post
    Yes, I have jumped in both oceans that touch the USA.
    BUN, look north: there's three oceans that touch the good ol' USA.

    And I'm an ocean-swimming guy. I prefer them to be tropical. Even though I live a couple of blocks from the Pacific, I don't swim in it here. Too cold. My latest saltwater swim was in the Carribbean Sea at Akumal, Mexico.

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    Cyburbian TOFB's avatar
    Jan 2006
    Loma Linda's
    I will be the only fool in the Pacific without a wetsuit in 4 days. Do I care? No.

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    Cyburbian Plus JNA's avatar
    Jun 2003
    De Noc
    You couldn't pay me to swim in the Ohio River. Gedunker would you ?

    Have been in
    Ocean - Atlantic - Jersey Shore
    Pools - learned to swim at the Y, my Uncle's, Resorts
    Ponds/Lakes - Summer Camps
    Rivers - in NJ, Utah, & Colorado

    Next question - who has been or trained as a lifeguard ? when I was a teenager
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    Super Moderator kjel's avatar
    Dec 2005
    Wishing I were in Asia somewhere!
    Blog entries
    I've been a swimmer most of my life. My preferences in order: ocean, pool, lake. I don't like swimming in rivers much, but it depends on the river-how fast, how deep, how cold.
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    Cyburbian Plus Zoning Goddess's avatar
    Sep 1999
    400 miles from Orlando
    Currently, I will swim in the Atlantic (off FL) and the Gulf and swimming pools (preferably not at hotels/motels with lots of little kids who will pee in the pool ). I grew up on a lake and we swam in it, but over the years my fear of gators overcame my desire to swim... Natural springs in FL are good, the temp is always 72 d. which can be chilly except in the middle of summer and you don't generally have the gator issue.

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    Cyburbian chupacabra's avatar
    Nov 2008
    I've swam in all four oceans.

    I swim three times a week but I live in Alaska so I likes me some pool. When I lived in Hawaii (and where I am now) I swim in the ocean.

    If I had to pick one, it would be to swim in a tropical sea.
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    Cyburbian imaplanner's avatar
    May 2004
    I prefer swimming in the ocean if it's warm. Warm rivers or lakes a close second. If it's cold it's no fun. I get in the ocean sometimes in the pacNW with a wetsuit and a hood and gloves and booties and still get ice-cream headaches. I'm not really a fan of pool swimming as much, though I will do it.
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    Cyburbian Emeritus Bear Up North's avatar
    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    Quote Originally posted by Otis View post
    BUN, look north: there's three oceans that touch the good ol' USA.
    Oops, said the ole' grey Bear.

    If I ever stand on the shore of the Arctic Ocean I will probably not wiggle a toe in it. Too many stories of killer whales and the like.

    Occupy Cyburbia!

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    Chairman of the bored Maister's avatar
    Feb 2004
    on my 15 minute break
    Having grown up and lived most of my life in Michigan I'd have to go with 'lake' (preferably a Great Lake where you can ride waves). I swam in the ocean for the first time when I was 19. Salt water?.....EWWWW!
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    Cyburbian Bubba's avatar
    Aug 2005
    Above urban19's plane field
    Pool first, but a nice warm lagoon is a close second.
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    Cyburbian WSU MUP Student's avatar
    Mar 2007
    Lowering the PCI in the Hills
    My favorite is the ocean or the gulf because of the waves. For a while when I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC I was working the midnight shift and every third week I would have about 5 days off in a row. I think I was at the beach nearly every daylight hour that summer.

    My wife's parents live right on Lake Huron and I've begun to enjoy swimming in fresh water as well. Although I'd generally rather be on the the west side of the state since the beaches are much wider and sandier. Usually once a summer my wife and I make a trip to the Grand Bend, Ontario area where there are some of the nicest freshwater beaches I've ever seen.

    As far as pools go - as long as it's clean it's hard to go wrong.

    The nicest place I've ever swam was probably the island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean. The water was the perfect temperature and absolutely crystal clear and you could see straight to the bottom even when the water was about 15'-20' deep. I've been to some beaches in Thailand that were just as nice too but the water there wasn't quite as picturesque blue.

    I've also swam at a few steel beaches which can be quite fun.
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    Cyburbian Seabishop's avatar
    Nov 2002
    I don't swim. But I prefer to wade up to my knees in the ocean.

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    Cyburbian btrage's avatar
    May 2005
    Metro Detroit
    Growing up on Lake Huron, I've always been a swimmer. My grandparents had a big pool that we swam in almost every weekend when I was a kid. I don't really think I have a preference for where I swim. But I do love the water.
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    Cyburbian Planit's avatar
    Mar 2005
    In a 480 square foot ex baseball nacho stand
    Pool - it's nearby
    Ocean - I get in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean every year
    Lake - Uncle has house on big local lake

    My mom put me in the pool at 6 months old so I could learn how to swim.
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    Ever since taking that biology class in college, it's been pool only. The only thing I want living where I swim is me. I grew up swimming in lakes, but no more.
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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    Prefer the lake or ocean.

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    Cyburbian SW MI Planner's avatar
    Feb 2002
    Frolic and play - definately a lake (preferably clean). Lap swim - definately a pool. I did that tri training last year and had a hell of time trying to swim in the lake with my face in the water. Just couldn't do it.

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    Cyburbian otterpop's avatar
    Jul 2003
    Down by Dun Ringill
    Blog entries
    I like swimming in rivers the best. I like to swim against the current - you get exercise but stay in place. Definitely a river rat. The Gulf of Mexico was a favorite place when I was a child and young adult. Lake swimming is good. When you get down to ponds, there is kind of an ick factor - what with the algae.

    I swim more in pools now - especially hot pools in winter. My wife and son aren't too keen on natural waterways, though I am slowly bringing the boy around to my way of thinking.
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    Cyburbian Rygor's avatar
    Jun 2009
    Where the Wild Things Are
    I used to practically live in the pool in my competitive swimming days and I still love to take a dip every now and then (luckily there is a pool 30 ft outside my door). A close second is the ocean. I love the waves, but I've only swam in the ocean a few times in my life when it wasn't freezing cold. Once as a little kid in Florida and once about 3.5 years ago in Isle of Palms and Myrtle Beach. Lake Michigan on the Michigan side comes in third.
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    Cyburbian wahday's avatar
    May 2005
    New Town
    I selected "river" but there aren't a lot around me where I live now. Mostly I swim at the pool. It varies with my access, but a few months ago we joined the YMCA and so I've been going once a week. Its a great compliment to running and biking. I love swimming.

    But, I am also a boater and so, when I do have access to a river, that's a great place to take a dip. Its fun interacting with the current, too, and a good break from paddling once you reach camp or are on lunch break.

    In my youth, I spent many summers up in Minnesota and Canada and there its all about the lakes. Lake swimming is awfully fun, but I always fought a secret panic. Something about being out in the deep water where you can't see the bottom that can freak me out. And when you go way underwater and its so cold down there - totally creepy to me!

    Too many meetings this week, I am not sure I'll get to the pool, but I'm shooting for Thursday. I've been working up to a mile. Almost there...
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